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2024 Sprite#1 Pro Edition officially launched, priced at $25000

By Jack Wang Jack Wang 01/05/2024

On January 5th,the 2024 Smart Elf#1 Pro version of EVevevs was officially launched,priced at 179000 yuan.It is worth mentioning that for specific car models,the official has launched various atmosphere packages for optional installation to meet different driving needs.In addition,Smart has also launched a five fold BUFF for car purchases,including"exchange BUFF","old friend BUFF","financial BUFF"and other car purchase policies.Enjoy up to 24000 yuan of benefits and support zero interest and zero down payment.

2024 Sprite#1 Pro Edition officially launched, priced at https://img.evevs.com/uplodefiles/202310071225001287.webp5000

From an appearance perspective,the overall design of the new car remains unchanged compared to the old model,with a continuous LED light group and a large-sized front heat dissipation opening design.The overall shape is very cute.The new car will also adopt a dual color or same color body and roof design,bringing a more personalized visual experience.At the same time,the model can also be equipped with five spoke wheels to further enhance its sportiness.

For the two best-selling models of Smart Elf#1 Pro/Pro+,Smart has launched the"Dear Friends Package"optional package:including Beats brand Audio 13 speaker system,high-end 64 color ambient lights,D-pillar illuminated logo,exterior door handle lighting,and illuminated metal welcome pedals.From January 5th to January 31st,2024(inclusive),the price of the"Dear Friend Set"worth 9000 yuan will be reduced to 4000 yuan.

In addition,close friends who choose Smart Elf#1 Premium to complete the deposit payment and confirm the order will receive a 5000 yuan final payment deduction benefit,while close friends who choose Smart Elf#1 Platinum Edition to complete the deposit payment and confirm the order will receive a 3999 yuan final payment deduction benefit.

2024 Sprite#1 Pro Edition officially launched, priced at https://img.evevs.com/uplodefiles/202310071225016351.webp5000

For the Smart Elf#3 Pro+,Smart has created a"Friendly Warm Package"optional package:including high-end 64 color ambient lights,Beats brand audio 13 speaker system,side illuminated logo,external door handle lighting,illuminated metal welcome pedals,heated steering wheel,and through position lights.The"Friend Sincere Set"is worth 10000 yuan and will be discounted to 5000 yuan during the event period.

During the period from January 5th to January 31st,2024(inclusive),users who choose the Smart Elf#3 Pulse four-wheel drive version to pay a deposit and confirm their order can upgrade to a free"Close Friend Super Pull Set"worth 12000 yuan.