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Hyper is a high-end intelligent pure electric vehicle brand built by GAC Aian based on global leading technology and system strength. Hyper is committed to providing users with smarter companionship a...[+]

Hyper announces the release of all solid-state batteries on April 12th
EVEVs News:Exciting news has come from China's new energy vehicle industry.Hyper,a high-end electric vehicle brand under ...more>>
2024 Hyper GT High -level Smart Droving 3L version on sale from $ 36,000 starts up
The millionth complete vehicle Hyper HT of China AION has been taken offline
EVEVS announced on December 28th that GAC Aion announced the production of its millionth vehicle,the Haobo HT,which ...more>>
Hyper HT will be available on November 15th
EVEVS has officially learned that the new mid to large scale pure electric SUVTyper HT created by Hyper will&n...more>>
Hyper HT will start pre-sale today and be available for delivery within the year
We have learned from the official that the Hyper HT will officially debut today and begin pre-sale.As a brand&...more>>
Hyper HT rendering image release positioning for medium to large SUVs/adopting gull wing door design
Hyper SSR officially launched for sale starting from 1.286 million yuan
On October 9th,the Hyper SSR supercar was officially launched,with a price range of 1.286 to 1.686 million yuan.The...more>>
Hyper SSR will be available on October 9th
Hyper SSR will be launched and delivered in China on October 9th.In the previously announced pre-sale information,Hyper&...more>>
Hyper GT officially launched at a price of 219900-339900 yuan
The Hyper GT was officially launched on July 3rd with a total of 5 configuration models, priced between 219900...more>>