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Livan was established on January 24, 2022, with joint investment from Geely Automobile and Lifan Technology. Livan has released two replacement tram models, Maple Leaf 80V and Maple Leaf 60S. In June ...[+]

Geely plans to clear 504 million yuan in Livan car 45%equity
EVEVSNewsonFebruary20,GeelyAutomobileGroupissuedanannouncementtodaythatthesubsidiariesZhejiangJirun ...more>>
Livan 7 is available today at a price starting from $18300
Livan 7 is available today.The new car has already started pre-sale,with a pre-sale range of 133700 to 163700 ...more>>
Livan 9 is the first pure electric vehicle suitable for families
In the flourishing new energy market, there are often young and trendy cars with personality, but there are fe...more>>
The first intelligent battery swappable sedan under Livan, MAPLE 60s
As a brand new battery swapping car under Geely, the MAPLE 60s is the first intelligent battery swapping sedan...more>>
Less than 200000 pure electric Minivan Livan MAPLE 80v PRO
Livan MAPLE 80v PRO, a pure electric Minivan model under Livan Motors, supports charging and battery swapping. As&n...more>>
Livan MAPLE 60s PRO for battery swapping technology
After the popularity of new energy, many new brands have emerged in China, but in fact, these brands are ...more>>