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Peugeot is a car brand of Peugeot Auto, a subsidiary of PSA Group. In 1848, the Armand Beru family established a factory in Paris, France, mainly producing saw blades, springs, and gears. In 1896, Beh...[+]

The all-new Peugeot E-5008 pure electric SUV has been released, with a maximum range of 660 kilometers
OnMarch20th,EVEVsannouncedthatPeugeothasreleasedanew5008model,includingamildhybridversionanda ...more>>
Can Peugeot 508 Win over Accord Hybrid by Introducing New Hybrid
French cars can still bring us some surprises from time to time. Whenever there is news of a new car,&nbs...more>>
Peugeot 4008PHEV offers a unique experience
The design style of French cars can be said to be different from most, especially the Dongfeng Peugeot brand&n...more>>