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ROEWE is a car brand under Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd., launched in October 2006.[+]

The ROEWE D5X model will be launched in March next year
ROEWE will release 8 new cars in the next 3 years
ROEWE D7 will be available on November 8th
The latest news from EVEVS is that the new ROEWE D7 will be officially launched on the evening of Novembe...more>>
Roewe D7 will be officially launched on November 8th
EVEVS has learned from relevant channels that the Roewe D7 will be officially launched on November 8th.As the ...more>>
ROEWE D7 EV mass production version appears
In the middle of this year,SAIC ROEWE released the ROEWE D7,the first model of the"D family".In the past,...more>>
ROEWE iMAX8 EV Pure Electric Experience
The needs of daily life are also constantly changing, including the demand for car use, from liking cool sport...more>>
150000 yuan to purchase ROEWE i6 MAX EV
The new model MAX EV of the ROEWE i6 MAX EV is priced at 146800 and 157800 respectively. To be hones...more>>
Is ROEWE RX5 eMAX worth buying?
In terms of styling, the all-new ROEWE RX5 eMAX adopts the latest family style design. The LED daytime running...more>>
ROEWE CLEVER is priced at 68000 yuan, is it worth paying attention to?
With its flexible body and affordable price, MINI EV has now gained more and more consumer recognition. The ca...more>>
ROEWE eRX5 Experience 150000 Class First Choice Hybrid SUV
Looking at the household compact SUV market, any best-selling Chinese car with high product strength, such as the&n...more>>