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Venucia is a Chinese automotive brand. Since 2017, Venucia has been developed based on Dongfeng Nissan's Renault Nissan Mitsubishi alliance platform. This means that Qichen Automobile has broad develo...[+]

The new Venucia VX6 is officially launched for sale starting from 141900 yuan
On April 20th,the new Venucia VX6 was officially launched,with a price range of 141900 to 159900 yuan.The new ...more>>
Venucia VX6 will be launched today with CLTC pure electric range of 520km
According to EVEVS,Venucia's latest model,the VX6,will be officially launched this evening.The new car is positioned as ...more>>
Venucia New Hydrogen Fuel Cell SUV Exposed
The Venucia VX6 will be officially launched on November 2nd with a CLTC range of 520 kilometers
We have learned from Venucia that the Venucia VX6 will be officially launched on November 2nd.The Venucia VX6 ...more>>
Venucia VX6 will be unveiled on October 23rd and officially launched within the year
On October 11th,Qichen officially announced that the Venucia VX6 will be officially unveiled on October 23rd.The Venucia...more>>
Venucia D60 EV with a range of 450km
The Venucia D60EV basically adopts the design of a fuel version model,with an overall stylish and atmospheric desig...more>>
The Venucia V DD-i has a comprehensive range of 1132 kilometers
As the first Venucia model to apply DD-i ultra hybrid technology,the V DD-i is equipped with a 1.5T plug-in&nb...more>>