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The advertising service of EVEVS supports various existing forms of Online advertising and some forms of streaming media advertising. The Online advertising launch follows the thinking and attention range of the subdivided audience, excavates the deep needs of the audience, timely and directionally draws the attention of the audience, and guides the key points of marketing. Effectively ensuring the achievement and impact of advertisements with strong audience views and stable audience stickiness. Online PR: The network public relations of EVEVS effectively cooperate with the overall marketing ideas of the brand and manufacturers, emphasizing the meticulous implementation of online implementation, and making the promotion target process interconnected. By using professional media voices and disseminating opinions, a broad consensus is formed. Integrate product demands and highlights into various test drives, evaluations, shopping guides, and special topics through soft coordination. Targeting the use and experience of the audience in their real environment, using forms and perspectives that the audience enjoys, emphasizing practical and effective public relations. Content collaboration: Deeply analyze the marketing and communication ideas of the brand and product, combine the characteristics of EVEVS media and the performance of the brand and product after being actively browsed by the audience, and provide exclusive and customized characteristic services. By utilizing the rich ways of online expression and emphasizing the experiential marketing model of the audience, we aim to involve the audience in the content and actively spread the experience to a wider range of audiences, spreading interactive influence. Interactive marketing: To accurately screen the target audience for service providers and brands, explore the potential target audience of existing channel forums, and carry out communication goals that are consistent with the brand and product communication demands for specific groups through forum interaction and group activities. Initiate a sense of group belonging in the form of activities, thereby gradually establishing a deeper understanding and identification of the brand and product among the target audience during the participation process, and promoting and achieving terminal marketing goals. Database marketing: EVEVS provides authentic and effective data research and analysis reports based on the EVEVS platform for the brands and products it serves. The report is based on data on brand, product attention, target audience browsing habits, as well as concerns about product key points and competitive environment. The report helps brands and products verify the success of communication strategies and audience acceptance, while also helping to clarify the competitive environment and strive for cross potential audiences. Dealer Service: EVEVS aims to effectively promote online consultation and convenient car purchasing services for audiences, build a dealer platform, and focus on addressing communication gaps between pre purchase car audiences, dealers, and brand manufacturers, while promptly and conveniently retaining first-hand information of the real pre purchase car audience. At the same time, the dealer backend system calculates and analyzes the traffic of each brand's 4S store and the level of audience attention for each model. Consulting and booking information can also become a good channel to assist in product market terminal environment strategy planning, promotion, and promotion. Video dissemination: The EVEVS video channel breaks through the constraints of traditional electric vehicle vertical network media performance, introduces a video communication mode, and assists in the main line of communication from multiple angles and functions, opening up the front line of three-dimensional communication. The opening of video channels is not only conducive to dynamic brand and product promotion, exclusive interviews with senior executives of manufacturers, building brand image, but also broadens ideas and applies the characteristics of interactive presentation that easily attracts high audience participation, bringing audience interactive marketing closer.